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While we strive to be the leader of the energy contracting sector with our highly experienced machinery, equipment and competent dynamic personnel in the energy sector, we aim to be an internationally high-quality, optimum cost, environmentally and human-friendly company in our services. To achieve these goals, we establish a management system, control it, meet its requirements and provide resources to continuously improve it.

While continuing our services, we aim to minimize errors, environmental impact and accidents, based on the philosophy of continuous improvement. In line with this development, we set the most appropriate targets and policies, publish them, and ensure that they are reviewed and understood.

Throughout our work, our customers’ satisfaction is one of our main priorities. Our quality, the importance we attach to the environment and occupational safety will provide the opportunity to work with our customers again.

While performing our services and/or products, we calculate our risks and impacts on the environment, occupational health and safety, take the consequences into account and work to reduce their impacts. In this regard, we constantly monitor our legal and other responsibilities and work to ensure compliance.

We see Environmental and Occupational Safety management as an indispensable whole of the concept of Sustainable Development, and we aim for continuous development by developing Innovative Ideas based on this concept in our services, always aiming to reduce pollution to the environment and occupational safety risks.

Our aim regarding Occupational Health and Safety, which is one of our basic principles, is zero injuries and zero occupational diseases, and we do all the work to achieve this. We develop methods and carry out studies that enable the effective and efficient use of natural resources and raw materials, reducing their consumption, and the use of materials with less environmental impact.

We aim to educate and raise awareness of all our employees on quality, environment and occupational health and safety, to provide them with behavior in line with team spirit, and to spread awareness of total quality and environmental protection at all levels of the organization.

We are always prepared for natural disasters and emergencies and maintain a structure within the scope of effective response.